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Read the amazing true story of how a university student completing his statistics assignment accidentally discovers how to safely turn $15 into $157.28 in one afternoon by betting on the horses!

In his down-to-earth, sincere and straight to the point style, Mohammed Ali guides you through the entire process of how to go about making a living by simply betting on the horses - even if you have no previous betting experience at all. In simple steps, you’ll learn how to:

Safely turn $15 into $157.28 or $40 into $419.41
Double your betting bank 12-14 times a year
Collect a dividend from 96.35% of all your bets.

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How To 'Place Bet' On Favorites for a living is written by Mohammed Ali (His friends call him the Betting Scientist) and shows you the exact horse betting system he's been using...

-- Since 1992 to make a consistent profit week after week from horse racing betting...

Horse Betting Racing System Creator, Mohammed

...(Yes, that's 1992, 13 years of
consistent solid profit year after year!!)...

Racing Cash Machine - Highly Recommended

This is Raj Patel's premier course on betting "In Running".  Comprising 12 Multi-Media CDs, two books and a Quickstart Audio CD. 

This package is available as a self-contained, home study kit or with the addition of a live seminar at extra cost.

RaceXpert: HOT

Read our very latest Review of t
he RaceXpert Horse Racing Software package as this is one of the BEST suits of Bookie Busting tools you will find available on the internet today. Read the Review

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