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"Learn the secrets to making a living from horseracing betting!"

These people started with almost nothing, and are now making a consistent income from racing week after week…

He made $1,400 in 17 days …betting very conservatively!
He made $16,000 in 8 months by betting only over the weekends…and now his wife has joined him too! 
He turned $17 into $6,854 at a ‘dare to win contest’ and now even his boss is after his secret! 
Port Villa
He makes $90 - $110 every week and has never followed horseracing before…and he doesn’t even have horseracing in his country! 


He has already made $7,000 but plans to make $50,000 this year, and he’s just getting started!  

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Tipping League: Top Tipsters Here

Can you imagine consistently backing winners and receiving a nice tax free income from the bookmaker. Lots of punters chase this dream, but only a very few actually achieve it. The Tipping League can help you achieve this dream. How, by following the proven tipsters within the league that are consistently showing profits month after month.

If you need to find that tipster that is going to provide you horse racing tips and information that will show consistent profits then I recommend you sign up at the Tipster League.

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Highly Recommended

If you are interested in making a tax free income of 10,000 per year? On average, that is exactly the kind of returns thier members have enjoyed since they launched in April 2003. The Above All Odds team have clocked up over 1100 bets, 250 winners and more importantly, a level stakes profit of 30,122 (100 stakes).


"Seems like things have moved to another level. A steady stream of winners followed up with a 12/1 winner yesterday. I am now in profit to the tune of 4,900. Great Stuff!"
Mick W (London, United Kingdom)

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Established online since November 2003, Ian Burrows at SportsBettingTips.info has been providing his followers with some of the best horse racing information, systems and tips around.
Join For Free And Receive Free Access to his Best Betting Tip of The Day. Alternatively become a full SportsBettingTips.info member and gain full access to all eight of their top sports betting tipsters. You receive instant access to the days best UK & Irish Horse Racing Tips, UK Greyhound Advice, Worldwide Soccer Picks as well as top selections from their stateside American Horse Racing Expert. Membership costs just 10 a week with no minimum contract.

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