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RaceXpert Horse Racing Software Review

The RaceXpert Horse Racing Software package is one of the BEST suits of Bookie Busting tools you will find available on the internet today.

The current price is 89.99 and for your money you receive a totally unique set of ratings and tools. Also included in the price are full daily updates downloaded each evening automatically from the RaceXpert website. This allows you to begin carefully analysing every UK Flat, All Weather, and Jumps race the day before racing.

At the touch of a button you can get standard ratings and speed figures you also get a whole host of unique features including Trainer Power, Hot Horses, Trainers in Form, Hot Jockey & Trainer, positives & negatives of a race, draw analysis, a system research assistant and loads more horse racing reports, statistics and printouts.

What we like about this software is that it has been designed for both the novice and professional alike.

How easy is it to use RaceXpert ?

Well we can say with absolute confidence that when it comes to keeping your racecards and database up to date it really couldn't be ANY simpler.

Forget those old fashion programs that have you sat there with a Newspaper or glued to a Website manually inputting data. Forget those suppliers that e-mail you files that never arrive.

All you need to do to update RaceXpert is make sure that you are connected to the internet, and one simple click will update your database with all the days results, as well as downloading your brand new race cards so that you can study the next days racing !!

I have included a screenshot of the Form Screen to give you just an example of the information available.

This screen shows a complete picture of a horse's form. You can click on any form line on the top grid to display the full race result below. Their database (at 8 Feb 2004) had 256,849 form lines for 30,000+ different horses and 2,000+ Sires and this is being added to on a daily basis. The 'Form Analysis' shows at a glance the conditions/factors that most favour a horse and the list goes on well past the view in the screenshot - this information is invaluable.

Many more screenshots are available from the RaceXpert Website by clicking here

When you first purchase the RaceXpert Software Package your initial 89.99 download will come supplied with a full TEN WEEKS of daily race cards and database updates.

Additional daily database updates and race cards, which are automatically downloaded from their server, are then available to you from as little as 1.00 a day !!

To purchase and download the software:


Requirements to run the RaceXpert package are:  - Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/Vista